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Light-hearted, refreshingly colorful and stylish.

Kintana brings together Mexican high-quality materials and traditional motifs with European sensibility and style. Our brand reflects the contemporary Mexico: a unique blend of rich traditions, diverse cultures and cosmopolitan, modern influences.

Mexico is known for drug trafficking and criminality. But it has much more to offer. Founded in late 2018, our mission is to bring the real Mexican feeling to Europe and the rest of the world. Our designs are based on century-old embroidery motifs and are co-produced with Mexican artisans. All of our products are uniquely hand-made in Mexico. When creating a new collection, our aspiration is that every product tells a story.

We design for cosmopolitan fashionistas who are looking for exclusive pieces of fashion, ones that are as unique and elaborate as themselves. Our products can be worn in a casual, every day situation and are a guaranteed eye-catcher.

As we are a small company, we work closely with our suppliers and artisans to guarantee fair and sustainable working conditions.