Free shipping in Europe!
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Kintana is a highly customer oriented company. Therefore, we also offer free shipping to customers in Europe. Moreover, we are shipping our products also to every country in the world. Upon receiving a purchase order, we usually send our products immediately. The delivery takes 2-5 days and during that process we will continuously stay in touch with you. If you are living outside of Europe, shipment times might take longer. For further details check our Terms and Conditions.

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We are sorry to see you go. Follow the steps below to get your money back. But we you hopefully understand that we will only accept products if they are send back within 14 days after purchase and only if they are still in an acceptable condition. Before sending the products back, please do contact us. Finally, customers need to cover the cost for transportation. Sorry for any inconvenience.

1. Wrap up your product

Use proper packaging material to make sure that the products will not be damaged during the delivery.

2. Add the right address

Send the goods to the following address:
Kintana GbR, 
Reinstetter Str. 10, 88437 Maselheim

3. Get your money back.

As soon as we receive the goods,
you will get your money back.